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Within minutes you can find exciting points of interest and natural wonders. Let us be your gateway to all the wonders this unique destination has to offer. Explore the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands with comfort and ease from our hotel.

Los Gemelos

It is one of the most important natural attractions in the Galapagos, as it is the only place on the island surrounded by a native forest of scalecias and inhabited by the witch bird.

Charles Darwin Station

The research station is famous for its scientific research efforts on endemic species and conservation. And it developed the first captive breeding programme for giant tortoises.

Las Grietas

They are one of the most representative geological formations of Santa Cruz Island, located in the Punta Estrada neighbourhood.

La Estación Beach

It is a lovely beach surrounded by mangrove, a resting place for tourists and is located on the way to the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Tortuga Bay

It is a beautiful white sandy beach, contrasting with the turquoise of the sea. This scenery offers rest away from any noise exertion.

El Garrapatero Beach

It is located on the southeast coast of Santa Cruz Island. Here you can observe a large number of bird species, including Darwin's finches and frigate birds.